Jury Selection in Alleged Reimbursement Case

The Fieger case moves to jury selection.

Prosecutors say Fieger, 56, of Bloomfield Hills and Johnson, 46, of Birmingham recruited 64 people, known as straw donors, to make contributions in the then-maximum allowable amount of $2,000 per donor to Edwards’ campaign lawyer. The contributions actually came from Fieger’s firm, the indictment says.

Fieger also is charged with obstruction of justice.

Fieger said after jury selection adjourned Monday that it’s “a joke case,” and “people should be put in jail” for prosecuting it.

“They’ve never done this,” he said. “They’re making it up. … Show me where a court said, ‘This is the law.'”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lynn Helland and Johnson’s attorney Steven Fishman declined comment Monday, citing a court order not to talk to the media.

Fieger and Johnson are charged with conspiracy, causing the Edwards campaign to unwittingly make false statements, making illegal campaign contributions in another’s name and making illegal campaign contributions from a corporation.

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