What is Business Forward?

Thanks to a few news reports and their website, we now know some more about Business Forward.  Business Forward, Inc. is a D.C. non-profit corporation and plans to file for a 501(c)(6) exemption, according to the group’s website.   The corporation’s registered agent (and the group’s executive director) is James Doyle, at the same address as The Sheridan Group, a lobbying firm.  One press report says that the group does not plan to lobby.

The same article evidences some connections to the Obama administration officials, including Valerie Jarrett.

The group’s “operations” are apparently linked to two firms.  One, SS+K, worked with Obama for America.  The second is Brunswick Group, a lobbying firmLane Hudson is a director there and you might remember him for his role in the controversy that led to Rep. Mark Foley’s resignation, but this Time article might refresh your recollection.  “Lane Hudson” is listed as the registrant of Business Forward’s website (drivingbusinessforward.org), according to the whois report.

UPDATE: March 2011:  Some of the links in this post were broken.

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