North Carolina Board of Elections Update

Larry Leake was reappointed to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, according to this report.

Leake, in his official capacity, was one of the defendants in North Carolina Right to Life v. Leake, et al.

In [holding that the provisions in question violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments], we recognize that the law of campaign finance is quite complicated and in some flux. Courts, state governments, and those involved in the political process are doing what they can to navigate this difficult terrain, and we are conscious of the fact that North Carolina went back in good faith to the drawing board to craft a legislative response to our earlier decision in North Carolina Right to Life, Inc. v. Bartlett, 168 F.3d 705 (4th Cir. 1999). But it is nevertheless our unflagging obligation to apply constitutional standards to state legislative enactments, and, in doing so here, we find that the provisions before us simply go too far in regulating ordinary political speech to be considered constitutional.

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