Federal Election Commission representations

This is the first in what will be my continuing project to document who’s representing who before the Federal Election Commission in certain matters.  The source of the information is publicly available filings at the www.fec.gov.  (“MUR” stands for “Matter Under Review” and is the manner some cases are designated at the agency.)  The MUR number is followed by the client name, the name of counsel’s firm (if indicated on the Designation of Counsel form), and counsel’s name.

10/19/09 press release:

MUR 6023, John McCain 2008, Inc., Trevor Potter (campaign General Counsel)
MUR 6023, Loeffler Group LLP, Arent Fox, Craig Engle & Leonard Evans III
MUR 6023, 3eDC LLC, Dickstein Shapiro, Scott Thomas
MUR 6102, Oliver for Congress, no designation of counsel
MUR 6107, Cynthia McKinney for Congress, J.M. Raffauf P.C., J.M. Raffauf
MUR 6115, Committee to Elect Steve O’Donnell, no designation of counsel
MUR 6123, Robinson for Congress, McTigue Law Group, Donald J. McTigue
MUR 6136, Iowa Christian Alliance, Smith Peterson Law Firm LLP, Joseph D. Thornton
MUR 6136, Stephen Scheffler, Smith Peterson Firm LLP, Joseph D. Thornton

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