Rep. Grayson’s Names of the Dead website issues

nodsiteThe Post reports on controversy surrounding Rep. Grayson’s Names of the Dead website here.  (Click on thumbnail for larger view of site.)

Politico has more.

UPDATE:  10/23/09:  The site has changed and the story is here.


Rep. Grayson’s Names of the Dead website issues — 1 Comment

  1. The NRCC argued how lawmakers promote their campaigns?What about the Fear that the GOPs have been putting in the minds of Americans about Health Care and promoting their campaigns.At the town meetings they had across the USA none of these GOPs told ones that are on medicare to trash their cards because both are the same,medicare and health care Public option,run by the goverment.Funny how it seems that it is good for the GOPs to twists things getting people stir up but the minute a Demo does it by truth they always end up crying.I’m sure he put that on his site to let the GOPs and others know that America needs health care.Bottom line any politian who takes dollars to vote No to health care by Ins lobbyists should make the American people be in an up roar.That should be illegal because people’s lives are at stake.