Figure in Abramoff scandal gets 1 month in halfway house, fine, and community service

Under the Influence reports that former DOJ official Robert Coughlin was sentenced today.

Before arriving at the sentence, the government and Coughlin disagreed over the value of the tickets given to him by Ring, with prosecutors saying they were worth more than $5,000 and Coughlin saying the value was under $5,000. Huvelle ruled that the value was under $5,000, which meant that she could have given Coughlin only up to six months in prison under sentencing guidelines.

The sentencing memo is here (h/t Anticorruption Republican).  As you can see from the discussion on pp.12-13 of the memo, the government argued that Coughlin’s acceptance of Redskins tickets put him over the $5,000 mark.  The discussion refers to an Office of Government Ethics’ advisory opinion describing the valuation of skybox attendance.  It’s not clear if Judge Ellen Huvelle discussed this point today.

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