Grassroots ethics event

The Graduate School of Political Management is holding an event tomorrow discussing the ethics issues invovled in grassroots advocacy.  Here’s more information about the event.

How can the honesty of such campaigns be assured, if at all? Should the public know who is paying for them? Do “town hall meetings” have to turn ugly and near violent to be effective? Are the institutions within our representative democracy strong enough to endure and survive these barrages?

These questions—and others—are being debated every day in Congressional offices, in newsrooms and on the web, in consultants’ quarters and in think tank conference rooms. The Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University believes that is high time that the discussion needs to take place in public, with all sides represented.

Mark your calendar today and plan to be there on January 27. The topic is timely, the argument will be fierce, and the outcome will be important.

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