Washington State’s in-session solicitation ban at issue

An email sent by Washington Governor Gregoire is being questioned as an alleged violation on the state’s rules on political solicitations during the legislative session, according to this report.

In the e-mail, Gregoire asked her supporters to “take a moment right now to join the campaign by making a donation,” with a Web link to the donation page on Heck’s campaign Web site.

State law, however, bans elected officials from raising money for most political candidates during the annual legislative session. The blackout period, known as the “session freeze,” starts 30 days before the Legislature convenes and continues until lawmakers adjourn for the year.

In response to questions from The Associated Press, state Public Disclosure Commission spokeswoman Lori Anderson said Gregoire’s sales pitch for Heck would fall under that freeze.

“We don’t think that anyone subject to the freeze should be fundraising for other federal candidates, and we’ll work with the incumbents to make that clear to them,” Anderson said.

Because I’m so helpful, here’s the Public Disclosure Commission’s Freeze Memo for your files.

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