White House releases additional visitor information

The White House Blog features a post from Norm Eisen today on the latest release of visitor information.  So, any campaign finance figures in the disclosure?  Who’s visiting Norm Eisen?  There are a mere eight visits to Mr. Eisen as “visitee” in the database, including visits by Fred Wertheimer, Donald Simon, and Spencer Overton.

Fred Wertheimer has five visits with Micah Fergenson.  Based on his LinkedIn profile, it wouldn’t be wild speculation that he works for Mr. Eisen or at least knows him well enough to accept visitors for him (and others in the administration).  Mr. Fergenson has about 400 visitors in the database.  Lisa Gilbert’s listed as visiting the OEOB on Nov. 17.  Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias is also listed as visiting on that date.  CREW’s Melanie Sloan visited in January.  Public Citizen’s Craig Holman has at least four visits.  There are no “descriptions” for these visits.  In the President’s State of the Union and accompanying fact sheet, the White House called for lobbyists to disclose the substance of their contacts. Jake Tapper is willing to give credit where credit is due on the White House release of visitors.  Should the ultimate visitee be listed, too, along with more (or any) description of the meeting?

Have fun doing your own searches for friends and family here.


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