Rep. Frank: No contact with former aide turned lobbyist

The Hill reports that Rep. Frank has instructed committee staff to have no contact with a former employee.

In a statement, the House Financial Services Committee chairman said the normal one-year ban on the former staffer, Peter Roberson, is not strong enough. Frank directed committee aides to avoid all communication with Roberson on financial regulation issues as long as he is chairman of the influential panel.

The statement is here.

“Stories about this correctly noted that there is a one year ban on his interaction with members of the Committee staff, but I do not think that is adequate.  I am therefore instructing the staff of the Financial Services Committee to have no contact whatsoever with Mr. Roberson on any matters involving financial regulation for as long as I am in charge of that Committee staff.  Fortunately, examples of staff members doing what Mr. Roberson has done are rare, but even one example is far too much and that is why I wanted to make clear I share the unhappiness of people at this, and my intention to prohibit any contact between him and members of the staff for as long as I have any control over the matter.”

The Sunlight Foundation Blog notes this issue here.

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