Last post of the day from Politics Online 2010 #POLC2010

I’m at the elected official panel now, with Rep. Mike Honda (pictured below), Ed Henry, Sandi Jackson, and Chap Petersen.  Earlier I attended an interesting discussion of which tools and sites will live and which will surely die (or are at risk, at least).  Panelists held up signs to indicate their feelings on various services like LinkedIn, Digg, etc.  The discussion included Matthew Zalbud, David All, Mark Drapeau, Shana Glickfield, and Frank Gruber.  It is great to meet and see some of the folks I’ve followed online.  I’ll be attending a few more panels this afternoon and digesting what I’ve heard over the next few weeks.  Look for more posts in the weeks to come about what I’ve heard and learned and a great Politics Online 2010.

Rep. Mike Honda

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