Today at the Grassroots Forum

Thanks to American College of Cardiology’s Molly Nichelson, Wellpoint’s Eric Lundberg, and the National Mining Association’s Corey Henry for making today’s Grassroots Forum event an informative and lively session.  As promised, here are some of the sources for my short presentation on grassroots lobbying legal issues, Citizens United, and the DISCLOSE Act.

Citizens United information and decision

IJ Report, “Mowing down the grassroots,” Dr. Jeff Milyo

Economist story on Washington State lawsuit

K Street Café debate on Washington State/grassroots lobbyist disclosure

Information on Many Cultures, One Message et al. v. Clements

Federal Election Commission

Washington Post, “Undercover persuasion by tech industry lobbyists”

Congressional Research Service, “Grassroots lobbying: constitutionality of disclosure requirements,” (2008)


“Engage: notable quotes from Brian Solis at SXSW”

The Evolution of a New Trust Economy

DISCLOSE Act/Citizens United material for informational purposes, Covington

DISCLOSE Act material for informational purposes, Wiley Rein

Citizens United overview, K&L Gates


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