Social media and politics from around the web

A lot of social media and politics stories in the news.  Republicans launched to “increase dialogue between Americans and Congress.”  The site apparently uses a new Microsoft platform for political efforts.

YouCut is making headlines; The  project is designed to let users vote on what spending projects to cut.  (It’s not at, by the way, which involves Christmas trees.)  I was a little  surprised at Colin Delany’s take on YouCut.

Clickz covers Marco Rubio’s commitment to social media here.  The story covers the work of consulting firm Targeted Victory.

(I assume interested readers are subscribed to or checking in with and Clickz regularly so I don’t link to everything, or else I would.)

In terms of commitment to social media, contrast organizations like Rubio’s with the Office of Congressional Ethics, which seems to have established a blog simply for the sake of establishing a blog.  No new entries since its original March post; but their Facebook page is much more active.


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