Supremes nix Saxbe fix case

The Washington Times has an update on the Hillary Clinton-Saxbe fix case.

The case, brought by Judicial Watch, argued that Mrs. Clinton was constitutionally barred from serving as secretary of state because Congress increased the salary of that position while she was a member of the Senate.

Here’s what the Court said:

The District Court dismissed for lack of standing, 666 F. Supp. 2d 123, 127–131, and n. 10 (DC 2009), so it did not enter “any interlocutory or final judgment, decree, or order upon the validity of the appointment and continuance in office of the Secretary of State under article I, section 6, clause 2, of the Constitution.” Joint Resolution on Compensation and Other Emoluments Attached to the Office of Secretary of State, §1(b)(3)(A), Pub. L. 110-455, 122 Stat. 5036, note following 5 U. S. C. §5312. The appeal is therefore dismissed for want of jurisdiction.

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