What you were waiting for: “Jim Moran on Demand”

From Rep. Jim Moran’s office comes news that he’s launching “Jim Moran on Demand.”

“Now constituents can tune in any time of day to hear the latest on what’s happening in Congress and the community,” said Moran.

“Given Northern Virginia’s mobile, fast-moving population, this is proactive way to supply information and reach out to new residents on an ongoing basis. I’m really excited about it and look forward to hearing people’s feedback.”

A partnership between parent company iConstituent and local cable providers, the communication resource is available to all members of Congress. But Mr. Moran is the first to provide the new service, which goes live today. A sample can be viewed on Congressman Moran’s YouTube Channel.

The video is here.  I’ve kind of spoiled it for you by telling you that this is from the Congressman’s office, and not his campaign or a political party.  But you might understand why it could create some questions in viewers’ minds.

One of the Virginia politics blogs I read doesn’t much care for the concept, calling it a horrible idea.

More on MiCongress here.

The White House’s “West Wing Week” also has some pretty fancy production values.


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