Earmarks for charity

USAT covers earmarks for charitable organizations “with close personal connections” to Members of Congress.

A USA TODAY review of federal spending legislation and non-profit records identified $30.6 million this year — and more than $89 million over the past three years — directed to groups closely tied to the lawmakers. That included $38.1 million over three years to groups founded by the lawmaker sponsoring the earmark and $2 million since 2008 to groups where earmark sponsors’ spouses have been unpaid directors.


Earmarks for charity — 1 Comment

  1. In a time of budget crisis, I find it offensive that our legislators are using my tax dollars to fund charities that THEY have created. If our legislators want to create a charity, let them do it with their OWN money. If I want to donate to a charity, I will do it myself. Stop spending tax dollars on charities and use the money to pay down the national debt!!