I’ve updated the look of PoliticalActivityLaw.com so here’s some housekeeping

I did a little housekeeping on the site and I hope you like it. My new theme is a little… wider.  I think the site is easier to read and it’s nice to freshen things up a little.

  • There are some new widgets in the sidebar and I’ll be keeping an eye out for new features.
  • I deleted the archived posts page; they’re all still available via a drop down menu on the sidebar (scroll down and they’re on the right).  Old posts can also be accessed through the new calendar (bottom right).
  • A note on categories: I assign a category to each post I write, so if you’re searching for posts related to a particular state, for example, you can browse them all. Some of the posts fall across multiple categories and I may not have been as careful as I should have in capturing all categories that might apply.
  • If you have a search term, you can easily search for all relevant posts using the search function, of course.
  • Let me know if anything’s broken!

I hope you find the changes improve your stay here.  And once more, thanks for reading!

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