The law and lobbying firm outlook

The Post has coverage of the outlook for law and lobbying firms.

It’s been a bumpy ride for law firms over the past year. The recession left many with more attorneys than work, resulting in large-scale associate layoffs that shrunk local head counts and lowered industry morale. In particular, the downturn ravaged practices aimed at business dealmaking and those that catered to banks and financial firms. But it created work for the District’s lobbyists, as politicians and regulators cast a wary eye on Wall Street. Many financial institutions paid big bucks to send representatives to Capitol Hill.


The law and lobbying firm outlook — 1 Comment

  1. I am very interested in trying to beat what may be a dying horse: negative political advertising. I am so turned off that I am ALMOST willing to give up my given right to vote because of the name calling, negativity instead of stating their stand on policies. Is this something that cannot be accomplished? I am willing, and have the time, to fight for what I believe in. Giving up my constitutional right to vote is like giving up my voice. Does someone have any advice for me? Is there a way we can deny these ads airtime in place of actually stating the individuals their actual beliefs?

    I would greatly appreciate a response. I am very, very anxious to make a difference in our continual adhearance to these name calling and childish advertisments that may or may not be true.


    Debi Woods