American Crossroads GPS draws complaint

The Hill reports.

Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center argue¬†Crossroads GPS, a conservative group spending heavily in this year’s campaign races, is violating tax laws meant to limit political activity by nonprofit groups.


American Crossroads GPS draws complaint — 3 Comments

  1. Then shut them down. They are in Washington state saying bad things about our senator. I am sure the people they are using are not even from our state. False, misleading and not what washingtonian feel. We love our Senators and know they fight for us and have fought for us for years.
    Lori Laurene

  2. Thanks to that Supreme Court decision we are stuck with the money laundering operation playing fast and loose with our elections. When Congress gets back in session, they had better pass a law to deal with this mess before we lose even more of the freedoms we possess.

  3. Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads need to keep their money out of local and statewide elections. They have no good reasons to be nosing in. The senators and house representatives should be chosen strictly for what they will do for their state and how they will represent the people of their state NOT for the lobbist and money people.

    They need to be shut down immediately and fined for their interference and lies they are spreading.