Sunday news like there’s an election coming up

The NRCC reported spending $31 million in independent expenditures.  Roll Call.

Have the K Street fundraisers slowed?  No.  Roll Call.

Why target Chamber donors?  Some question the strategy.  The Hill.

Who has the cash advantage, I?  The Hill.

Who has the cash advantage, II?  Politico.

Who has the cash advantage, III?  Washington Post.

Organizing for America is stepping up.  The Hill.

Democratic donors are waking up.  Politico.

More on disclosure issues (with a reference to the CREEP?).  NY Times.

The Republican Governors Association reported its latest donations.  NY Times.

Who’s raising what in competitive races?  NY Times.

Jets will be idling on the tarmac for election night recount flights.  Washington Post.

News on the Concerned Taxpayers of AmericaThe Washington Post.

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