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If you usually get to the site from Twitter, the titles of each individual story won’t be tweeted so you’ll have to crack open the morning post to see what stories I’ve linked to for the day.  I enjoy Twitter but my Twitter feed was starting to look like it was being run by a political law robot.  I’ll still be an active Twitter user and enjoy following and following back.  (If you’re interested in Twitter, this recent Brian Solis piece is an interesting read on who’s on and what they’re up to.)

Thanks for reading and let me know if the new format works.  (I’ll still be adding blog posts later in the evening and when breaking or important developments warrant.)

Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

Union group says business group helped Republicans win

In Roll Call.

Allegations of oppo in chair race

In the Hill.

Video game violence and the First Amendment

The Times objects to narrowing the First Amendment here.

Who’s behind West Wing Week?

The Times investigates.  Sarah Palin has camera following her around, tooPolitico looks at the 2012 electoral map here.

Counting Alaska

More from the Times on what’s going on in Alaska.

Earmark moves

From Sen. Inhofe.  Politico.

Inhofe has engaged in a behind-the-scenes effort aimed at convincing tea party groups of the value of earmarks, including by circulating a 20-page document that makes the case that it’s Congress’ job to appropriate money and that a number of projects are rooted in the national and local interest.

Earmarks are the topic of this Rep. Flake piece today.

The biggest self-funder was…

Cillizza crunches the (big) numbers here.

Praise for the FPPC

In today’s LA Times.

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