Political Activity Law A.M. report for Saturday, Nov. 20

Good morning!  What’s news today?

Why the delay in the Waters House Ethics matter?

The Hill speculatesThe Times attributes the delay to a newly discovered exchange of emails.

FEC handles Ensign matter

The Hill reports that the FEC has concluded a matter involving Sen. Ensign.

In its dismissal letter, the FEC cited a response by Michael Ensign, John Ensign’s father, arguing that the $96,000 payments were legal gifts of $12,000 each to Cynthia Hampton, her husband, Doug, and their two children.

“The responses state that the Ensigns gave the gifts ‘out of concern for the well-being of long-time family friends’ after the Ensigns were informed of the relationship between their son and Cynthia Hampton,” the FEC said in its explanation. “The Ensigns wanted to give a $100,000 gift, but instead gave $96,000 because the multiple $12,000 gifts would fit within the maximum permitted tax-free gift limits under IRS gift tax rules.”

DeLay trial closing arguments next week

An AP report here explains.

The latest from Alaska

From the Anchorage Daily News.

An Alaska federal judge ruled Friday that Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller’s challenge to the counting of write-in ballots raises “serious” legal issues but is a matter for a state, not federal, court to decide.

RNC Chair’s race

Any clues to who’s doing what in the race for RNC Chair from IRS filings, yet?  Yes, according to Roll Call.

Melanie Sloan to leave CREW

Roll Call reports she’s leaving to practice law.

2012 money race

The Post gives front page treatment to a report that Democratic groups will encourage “major outside groups” next time around.

The apparent change of heart is particularly notable for Obama, who has long advocated strict campaign-finance limits and has sharply criticized the Supreme Court for allowing unlimited political spending by corporations. The shift is reminiscent of Obama’s pragmatic decision to forgo public financing in 2008 to outpace Republican nominee John McCain, who agreed to spending limits in exchange for federal matching funds.

That’s it for a slow (?) Saturday

Have a great day; I’m off to see an early showing of “The Happy Elf” in Rockville.


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