Political activity law A.M. report for Wednesday, Nov. 24

Good morning!   Here’s the special Thanksgiving Break edition.  Posting will resume with a massive morning report on Monday, Nov. 29th.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jury still out in DeLay case

They were sent home for the night yesterday.  Here’s the report.

Covington’s Election and Political Law latest E-Alert

Is available here.  The alert contains a number of interesting reports, including items on the SEC’s new pay to play rules, coordination, Citizens United, and honest services fraud.

A guide for 501(c)(3)’s

Steven Sholk’s “Guide to Election Year Activities of 501(c)(3) Organizations” is available here.

Shays campaign enforcement matter

The Federal Election Commission announced closing a case involving the campaign of former Rep. Shays.

Recount news in Minnesota

It’s on.

Pay to play and Steven Rattner

I’ve posted links to a number of stories about former car czar Steven Rattner and “Choochgate” over the last few months.  There’s been a lot of news about Rattner recently, including these developments.

Sloan’s departure from CREW in the news

Salon covers an angle of Melanie Sloan’s departure from CREW here.

When the executive director of a prominent Washington ethics watchdog group goes to work for a well-known corporate lobbyist, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Money on the left for 2012

Politico reports on Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s efforts to establish an independent group for 2012.

Townsend, former lieutenant governor of Maryland and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, will head a so-called “Super PAC,” a new variety of group that, under the dilapidated campaign finance laws, accepts unlimited contributions but reports its donors to the Federal Election Commission.

Senator Bennett’s plans

Are the topic of this report.

Bennett is barred from lobbying for two years, and “the primary focus of the firm will be business consulting and business-to-business development,” said [former staffer Tim] Stewart, who will maintain his lobbying practice with American Capitol Group while also joining the Bennett Consulting Group.

Lobbying abroad

Two international stories involving lobbying are in the news.  In Canada, a government staffer was fired after allegedly emailing lobbyists a draft budget document.  In India, the link between journalists and lobbyists is coming under scrutiny.

As you go over the river and through the woods

Have safe and enjoyable travels and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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