Political activity law morning report for Tuesday, Dec. 7

Good morning.  I’ll be spending another day at COGEL.  Here are some of the stories about political law topics I’m reading this morning.

Freshmen and the money game

The Times notes House freshman fundraising in this editorial this morning.

The corrupting power of money in Washington is an old, bipartisan game. But this year’s Republican class ran with such virulence against the establishment that this rush to the trough seems especially hypocritical. “What was that all about,” [newly-elected Rep.] Kinzinger, and friends?

Roll Call reports on the unsurprising moves by some candidates to pay off campaign debt here.

Rangel won’t resign

Reports the Hill.

Earmark numbers

Politico reports.

Members of Congress requested almost 40,000 earmarks that exceeded $100 billion directed to their home districts and states for the current fiscal year, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis to be released Tuesday.

Office of Congressional Ethics prognosis good

Says the Post.

Despite some media reports to the contrary, several Republican lawmakers and aides inside and outside of the party leadership said there are no plans afoot to kill or significantly weaken the OCE.

Bank challenges law

A bank in Missouri is challenging a new state ethics rule.  The story is here.

The Post-Dispatch reports that in determining which individuals and entities can donate to political action committees, lawmakers appear to have disqualified certain state-chartered banks.

COGEL shots

I’ve posted a few of my photos from COGEL and they’re available here or via slideshow below.

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