Today’s political activity law A.M. report for Friday, Dec. 10

Good morning.  Here are a few of the stories I’ve read this morning.

Political sites suffer attacks

Politico reports that pro-Palin sites are being hit.

A new Boehner hire

Is a lobbyist.

An earmark by any other name

Roll Call reports on what the CR might contain.

The continuing resolution, which the House approved Wednesday night, does not increase overall spending for the fiscal year. But it shifts money around, boosting funds for programs favored by the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats.

New York lobbying case

A New York matter involving a lobbyist is the topic of this Times editorial.    The documents related to the case are here.

Campaign finance and ethics matters in the news

In Massachusetts (a candidate fixes his reports), North Carolina (a $150,000 fine), and Florida (a guilty plea with potential five year sentence).

Have a great day

Posting will resume Monday.

Just a reminder:  I added a few more photos from COGEL’s Tuesday sessions here.

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