Political activity law A.M. report for Wed., Dec. 15

Good morning. Here are some links today on political law and related topics.

Truth in Caller ID Act

Rep. Cantor’s Whipping Post lists S. 30 as one of 22 bills under “Suspensions.”  It looks like it could impact the automated dialing industry.

Military ballots in new chairman’s sights

Roll Call reports.

Scoring lobbying victories

Is what the Hill does this morning.   But 2010’s not over, yet.

Looking back over 2010, several companies, business associations and public interest groups racked up significant lobbying victories, despite going against the White House and powerful lawmakers in both parties.

News on the proposed omnibus here.

The NRA in the news

The Post’s “The Hidden Life of Guns” series discusses the role of the NRA today.

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