Political law A.M. report for Wed., Jan. 19

GOOD MORNING. Here are some political law and related stories for today.

LOBBYIST POLICY COMMENTS UNDER WRAPS. The Hill reports on the transparency of comments on an OMB proposal addressing lobbyists on government boards and commissions.  “‘Why OMB would not make the comments available is beyond me. It is inconsistent with the president’s agenda of transparency and good government,’ said Gary Bass, executive director of OMB Watch.”

CONTRIBUTIONS AND FOREIGN POSTS. The Post’s Al Kamen investigates connections between political contributions and ambassadorial nominations here.

OUT OF THE GATE ON ONE YEAR CITIZENS UNITED ANNIVERSARY. It’s Katrina vanden Heuvel.  “Reversing Citizens United is about more than any one issue or court case – it is, at its base, a question of whether American democracy itself can beat back a corporate takeover, whether our most cherished principles of self-government can ultimately prevail.”

PUBLIC CITIZEN REPORT ON CU AT ONE. A Public Citizen report on the anniversary of the case is available here.


O’DONNELL SUPERPAC. Christine O’Donnell launched a new PAC and a story is here.

HANNITY AND THE FEC. That’s the topic of this Media Matters post.  HoltzmanVogel Blog notes the case here.

GIVING AND GIFTING IN OHIO.  A new report examines Ohio lobbyists’ activity.

COMMISSION ON PUBLIC INTEGRITY NEWS. In New York, a group will file with the Commission on Public Integrity after questions were raised.  Politics on the Hudson Blog.

OFFICE OF CONGRESSIONAL ETHICS NEWS. According to the Hill, there’s a delay in some appointments.  “Pelosi, however, has not reappointed her slate of OCE board members, led by former Rep. David Skaggs (D-Colo.), the board’s chairman. Some Democratic members targeted by OCE probes have complained that Skaggs has acted too aggressively and has treated the OCE as a prosecution team.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE SYSTEM “COMPLETELY BROKEN.” That’s the view of a former Colorado official as described here.

HAVE A GOOD DAY. Thanks for reading.

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