Good morning. Here’s a daily dose of political law for Monday, Jan. 24

CAMPAIGN FINANCE FIGHT FOR 2011The Hill reportsThis Times editorial today invokes Watergate and opposes ending the public financing system.

THE OFFICE OF CONGRESSIONAL ETHICS LIVES. The Times reports.  “Omar Ashmawy, the new staff director and chief counsel, said the office would continue to pursue complaints as aggressively as it did under Mr. Wise.”  Although I don’t know Mr. Ashmawy, it’s very nice to hear that a fellow graduate of Westfield High School (NJ) is taking a top staff spot in the office.

SOTU AND LOBBYISTS.   What issues will be highlighted during the President’s State of the Union address?  The Post covers the lobbyist connection here.  What about campaign finance?  Remember last year’s SOTU?  Eliza Newlin Carney says not to expect another campaign finance moment here.

CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE NEWS. The Post notes some trends in political contributions here.

CU IN THE GREEN BAG. I’m always a little late catching-up with my subscription to the Green Bag. It turns out a recent issue features some lessons about advocacy before the Supreme Court here that notes the argument in Citizens United. Lesson 7 is “ON THE OTHER HAND, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T SAY, “THE GOVERNMENT CAN BAN BOOKS” (Page 18 of the PDF).

SLOAN STICKING WITH HER CREW. Roll Call reports that Melanie Sloan won’t be leaving CREW.


JUSTICE THOMAS AND DISCLOSURE. The LA Times has a report on Justice Thomas’ financial disclosure forms hereUPDATE: The Times reports Justice Thomas will amend his disclosures.

AMBASSADOR NORMAN L. EISEN. Ambassador Eisen’s official site is here.

SOUTH CAROLINA CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW UPDATE. This story covers some recent legal developments in the state.

2010 ON K STREET. Here’s Roll Call’s look at the lobbying numbers for last year.  The Hill shows Patton Boggs is still tops.

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