Google needs ethics help, political law apps, and some political law news bits for today

GOOGLE’S LOOKING FOR ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE HELP. See the job announcement for Google’s Ethics and Compliance Counsel position here.

FOX V. CARNAHAN. It’s settled.  The Post. “Former Missouri Senate candidate Robin Carnahan has settled a lawsuit with the Fox News Network alleging copyright infringement by one of her campaign ads.”

IMPACT OF EARMARK BAN. That’s the topic of this Times report.  “Across the country, local governments, nonprofit groups and scores of farmers, to name but a few, are waking up to the fact that when Congress stamped out earmarks last week, it was talking about their projects, too.”

WHAT ABOUT THE MEDIA? The Times considered this question in the context of campaign finance law yesterday.  “If corporations have no First Amendment rights, what about newspapers and other news organizations, almost all of which are organized as corporations?”

CONTRIBUTION LIMITS AND THE WRINKLES. Covington’s latest Election and Political Law E-Alert covers the recent announcement on increased contribution limits and some wrinkles in how the new limits apply.

POLITICAL LAW APPS, ANYONE? Campaign finance law.  There’s not an app for that.  Are there any good political law apps out there?  Or any political law apps at all?  (Here’s a list of some legal apps.)  I’m not sure the world is ready for (or needs) a lot of political law apps, but wouldn’t a federal contribution tracker app, along with some other features, get a few downloads?  But I doubt that a lot of high net worth donors are going to be tapping their data into an app.  Maybe an app for gift limits nationwide, or something splashy like that?


REFORM GROUPS URGE ACTION ON PUBLIC FINANCING. See the press release here.  “In a letter sent to the Senate today, reform organizations strongly urged Senators to ‘oppose S. 194, legislation introduced by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to repeal the presidential public financing system.'”


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