Politicos not verified on Twitter, Stern is; Wikipedia and political law; other political law links today

GETTING VERIFIED ON TWITTERClickZ’s Kate Kaye explains how Twitter’s account verification system quickly “verified” Howard Stern’s new Twitter account, but Gov. Bob McDonnell isn’t so lucky.

POLITICAL LAW ON WIKIPEDIA. I proudly just added an entry on “political law” at Wikipedia.   “Election law” has had an entry on Wikipedia for a while, but why should “political law” be left out?  My brief entry is basically a placeholder; over time it can be improved by the Wikipedia community.  If you have any suggestions for links or references to add, feel free to contact me.

FEC MEETING AGENDA ONLINE. The agenda for Thursday’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

THE DARK SIDE OF SEARCH. Roll Call covers what happens when you Google “Rick Santorum” in this article.  A few campaigns might be spending a few more dollars on SEO to get this kind of thing sorted out.


WHO’S NOT PAYING LOBBYING BILLS? Roll Call reports.  “It turns out that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is refusing to pay the bill and has vetoed the DRPA’s request of $37,500 for the balance of the firm’s legislative services last year.”

GINGRICH, INC. Eggen’s piece on Gingrich fundraising is here.

SECOND ENGINE FIGHT. The Hill has the latest.  “Many new members had no prior knowledge of the engine debate before coming to Washington just weeks ago, congressional and industry sources said.”

PUBLIC SCHOOLS VIOLATING ELECTION LAW? That’s the question raised in this Michigan Capitol Confidential post.

BALTIMORE SUN SUPPORTS TRANSPARENCY. In this recent editorial.  “Like many other states, Maryland needs to update its elections laws to provide voters with transparency around political spending.”

ALLEGED PAY TO PLAY IN PG COUNTY, MD. The Post editorializes today.  The county’s ethics board didn’t meet last year, according to a Post story today.


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