CU, Koch, Casino Jack, and commission appointments in today’s political law links

CANDIDATE LOAN STORY. In Roll Call this morning.  “Members of Congress have discovered another way to err on their annual financial disclosure reports.”

KOCH AND POMPEO. The Post reports.  “When Mike Pompeo needed funding for a Wichita aerospace company, one of the places he and his partners went for help was Koch Industries, a hometown firm that is among the world’s largest privately held corporations.”

CU:  IT’S A START. Politico reports.  “Not satisfied by the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates to corporate-sponsored election ads, conservative opponents of campaign finance regulations have opened up a series of new legal fronts in their effort to eliminate the remaining laws restricting the flow of money into politics.”

LOBBYING TRANSPARENCY. That’s the topic of this Eliza Newlin Carney piece.

EAC NOMINATIONS. The White House press release is here.  Another nomination has pending for about a year.

COMMISSION GOING DARK. The Tennessee Ethics Commission does not have a quorum to conduct certain business.  Story here.

ALABAMA UNION DUES NEWS. “A federal judge issued a temporary injunction this afternoon halting a new state law that could potentially cripple a statewide teachers’ organization.”  (Via Edward Sill).

IBM AND KOREAN CONTRACTS. The Post reports.  “The Securities and Exchange Commission accused IBM on Friday of bribing government officials in South Korea with cash payments and free laptop computers.”

CASINO JACK ON DVD AND BLURAY. Casino Jack with Kevin Spacey is set for DVD and Blu-ray release in early April.  I still haven’t seen the movie or talked to anyone who has.  At the link:  “The movie itself features [Kevin] Spacey’s return to form as Jack Abramoff, the real-life Washington power player who took the world by storm with his unrelenting, catastrophic level of corruption that boasted the Indian gambling industry to the point that he was coined with the nickname ‘Casino’ Jack, resembling his agenda.”

REFORM IN NEBRASKA? Legislation has been introduced in Nebraska to provide for additional disclosure for certain political advertising.  More here.

MISSED TRAINING DEADLINE. In Utah.  “One of every eight Utah legislators technically violated an ethics rule last year that required them to take online ethics training by Dec. 31.”



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