Political law links, TGIF edition

LOOK WHO’S VOTING. The Hill. “Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, a Republican, told the panel that his department’s study identified nearly 12,000 people who were not citizens but were still registered to vote in Colorado.”

INCHING CLOSER? Romney news here.

CONVENTION MOVING? The Post.  “The chairs of the Iowa and New Hampshire Republican parties are calling for the Republican National Committee to consider moving its 2012 convention from Tampa because Florida is threatening to break RNC rules by jumping to the head of the line in the GOP presidential nominating contest.”

COLBERTPAC IS UP. The Post.  “Stephen Colbert, host of the eponymous Colbert Report has announced his own PAC, complete with over-the-top announcement video. Is he serious? Probably not. Is he funny? Absolutely.”

TARGETING AARP. Eggen reports.  “The hearing and the study mark the latest developments in a sustained Republican attack on the seniors lobby for its support of Obama’s health-care law, which AARP says will lower costs and increase the quality of care for older Americans. Republicans say the group is working against its members’ interests because of planned cuts in the growth rate of Medicare spending, primarily for subsidized Medicare Advantage plans.”

TURNING THE KEYS ON OUTSIDE GROUPS. Two “key” former White House aides are set to form independent groups.  LA Times. “Oficials with the campaign — which will officially form when Obama files papers with the Federal Election Commission, which could happen as soon as Monday — declined to discuss the independent effort. Legally, it would not be allowed to coordinate with the reelection effort.”

WHAT’S ON THE AGENDA FOR NEXT WEEK? The agenda for the Federal Election Commission’s April 7, 2011 meeting is online here.


SC LOBBYIST BILL INTRODUCED. More here.  “The bill would direct the S.C. State Ethics Commission to bar a lobbyist or lobbyist’s principal from registering or continuing to be registered until the lobbyist complies with the law’s reporting requirements and pays off any filing fines.”

ON THE WHOLE, I’D RATHER BE IN PHILADELPHIA. Not really (though it’s a great city I’ve visited many times).  But here’s news on appointments to the City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics.  P.S. I’m a Pat’s guy.


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