Political law links for Monday, April 18

THE TIMES ON THE FEC. Editorial here.

DC’S LOBBYING FOR DC. The Post. “After its latest disappointment at the hands of Congress and the White House, the District of Columbia faces a difficult question: Can a city that is bursting with lobbyists do a better job lobbying for itself?”

SAVING TRANSPARENCY. From The Hill. “House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is pushing to save the Obama administration’s transparency websites from budget cuts to the E-Government fund.”

FIGHTING FOR THE CZARS. “President Obama issued a signing statement on Friday night saying that he could bypass a provision in the new budget that would prevent him from appointing White House ‘czars’ to oversee major policy initiatives.”  Story here.

WRITING OFF 2008. Romney’s 2008 campaign is in the news here.  “Mitt Romney is starting his 2012 presidential campaign by forgiving the remaining debt his 2008 presidential campaign owed him for the millions of dollars in personal checks he wrote to it.”

LOBBYING AND REALITY. The Hill. “With millions of dollars now axed from what they consider key federal initiatives, groups are planning to redouble their efforts and lobby to restore as much funding as possible in next year’s budget.”

DINNER BILL IN SPRINGFIELD IN THE NEWS. Story here.  A decimal point in the wrong place on a form may explain an interesting entry on a lobbyist report filed in Illinois.



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