Facebook and Republicans, alternative engine news, draft EO issues, and #tcamp11 is coming in today’s political law links

DOES FACEBOOK OWE THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE? RedState has a post here about President Obama’s recent event at Facebook headquarters.  “When the GOP has a nominee, Facebook should be fair and give the GOP nominee equal time.”

FORMER SENATOR COLEMAN MOVES. Politico has the news.  “Former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman is headed to law/lobbying powerhouse Hogan Lovells as a senior government adviser, the firm announced today.”

ALTERNATIVE ENGINE RUNNING ON EMPTY? The Hill reports.  “The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee isn’t giving up on funding for the F-35 fighter’s second engine despite assertions from defense insiders that the program is gone for good.”

CORPORATE TAX LOBBYING. “A review of lobbying disclosure records shows that more than 80 companies, lobby firms and trade groups have lobbied on plans that could lower corporate tax rates at the expense of loopholes and subsidies that are beneficial to many businesses and industry sectors.”  The Hill.

DRAFT EXECUTIVE ORDER NEWS. From The Times.  “The [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] lobbyist, R. Bruce Josten, said in an interview that the powerful business bloc ‘is not going to tolerate’ what it saw as a ‘backdoor attempt’ by the White House to silence private-sector opponents by disclosing their political spending.”  Power Line covers some developments here.

VOTER FRAUD. The Times isn’t concerned here.  (I just happen to pick up my copy of Stealing Elections yesterday to reread.)

Q1 LDA NUMBERS. More in Roll Call. “Divided government has not been so kind to K Street as lobbying expenditures plunged in most sectors in the first quarter of this year.”

NEVADA CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM NEWS. Here.  “Two bills that would close loopholes and increase transparency in Nevada’s election and campaign finance laws won approval in the Assembly today with no time to spare.”

MARYLAND CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM NEWS. From Huffington Post comes news of new changes coming to Maryland campaign finance law.  (H/T Election Law Blog.)

A PEEK UNDER THE ROCK IN INDIANA. I found Larry Riley’s attempt to make sense of some local candidates’ campaign finance reports strangely amusing and informative.

CAMP IS COMING. The weather’s getting warmer and it’s almost time for camp; Transparency Camp 2011, that is.


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