Bluman, (c)(4) news, Colbert, and more in today’s political law links

BLUMAN TODAY. “Non-citizens for Obama.”  Could that be a new committee launched soon?  A court will hear argument in Bluman v. Federal Election Commission today.

GROUND RUMBLING IN (C)(4) LAND? Roll Call. “The IRS has begun enforcing an oft-ignored tax on contributions to nonprofit advocacy groups, potentially creating large gift tax liabilities for donors who wrote big checks last year and throwing a wrench into the fundraising push leading up to the 2012 elections.”

COLBERT PAC LAUNCH. Roll Call. “So, Colbert filed an official FEC request with the help of his lawyer and former FEC Chairman Trevor Potter, asking the agency whether Colbert’s coverage of his new PAC may receive a media exemption.”

REVOLVING DOOR FOR COMMISSIONER. Story here.  “Federal Communications Commission member Meredith Attwell Baker will join the Washington office of Comcast Corp., where she will be senior vice president of government affairs for NBCUniversal, Comcast announced Wednesday.”

IN HOUSE LOBBYING BOOM. A trend?  “Over the past decade, many corporations, unions and other groups spent more money on in-house teams of lobbyists, shifting away from hiring outside firms to do their advocacy.”


EU LOBBYING. Here’s coverage of an EU lobbying register development.  “The curtain behind which lobbyists hide in the European capital was drawn back a little more on Wednesday (11 May) after the European Parliament backed a joint register of lobbyists for both the chamber and the European Commission.”


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