Political law links for Wednesday

“WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.  LOVE, THE IRS.” WSJ editorial.  “A tax probe of donations given by a specific class of political donors is a boldfaced attempt to punish and discourage political speech.”

NEW SUPER PAC NEWS. LA Times. “Indiana attorney James Bopp Jr., one of the lawyers who brought the watershed Citizens United case before the Supreme Court, registered the political action committee, the Republican Super PAC, with the Federal Election Commission last week.”  Love the stock photo accompanying the story.  Roll Call covers the story here.  Democracy21 opines on these developments here.

THE PRIVILEGE. A document initially withheld as privileged in the Ensign matter is part of this discussion of what’s privileged and what’s not in Roll Call.  The Special Counsel’s report noted, “Special Counsel reviewed the document containing this legal advice, which had previously been withheld as privileged, and determined that the document was not privileged  because it was addressed to a third party, not to Senator Ensign. The Senator has abandoned his prior claim of privilege as to this document.”  Special Counsel Report.

LINCOLN LANDS. At Alston & Bird.

ONLINE “DIRTY TRICKS.” Politico. “Dirty tricks and campaign gags are as old as politics itself — but they’re increasingly migrating online, as anonymous smear websites, parodies and fake Twitter accounts become a staple of the campaign trail.”


CALLING CHRISTIE. The Times. “Despite months of insisting that he will not enter the race, the New Jersey governor has become an increasingly busy presence on its fringes.”

COLBERT PAC IN THE NEWS. Human Events. The Colbert Show video on his FEC filing is online here.

GUILTY PLEA IN MD. The Post covers the Jack Johnson story here.


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