New GC for FEC, RTAO opinion, and more Friday political law links

DRAFT EO A FLASHPOINT. The Hill. “In recent weeks, lawmakers have tried repeatedly to add amendments to larger legislation either in opposition to or support of the draft order.”

NEW GENERAL COUNSEL FOR FEC. The Federal Election Commission announced that a new General Counsel will join the agency in September.

REAL TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA. U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued its opinion in Real Truth About Obama and the opinion can be accessed by following the instructions here.  The opinion should be online here soonRoll Call has a report here.

FACEBOOK AND ITS FEC FRIENDS. Jeff Patch discusses the Federal Election Commission’s consideration of an advisory opinion request from Facebook here.

FACEBOOK AND POLITICS. A Politico story says that a new Pew report indicates that Facebook users are politically engaged.  “Someone who visits Facebook multiple times per day is 2½ times more likely to attend a political rally or meeting, 57 percent more likely to influence someone else’s vote and 43 percent more likely to have said he or she would vote, the survey found.” has a post about this here.

REP. WEINER’S CAMPAIGN FUNDS. What happens?  Here’s a story.  “The New York City Campaign Finance Board database shows that he has $4.5 million in cash for what was supposed to be his 2013 race for New York mayor.”

FEINGOLD AND SUPER PACS. Roll Call. “‘I empathize with the desire to fight fire with fire, but Democrats should just never be in the business of taking unlimited corporate contributions,’ Feingold told the audience of liberal activists and bloggers gathered here for the Netroots Nation convention, eliciting cheers. ‘It’s dancing with the devil, and it’s a game that we will never win.'”

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTION CASE APPEALED. Forbes. “Federal prosecutors on Thursday appealed a judge’s ruling that prompted howls of protest from campaign-finance reform advocates when he declared the law that bans corporate contributions to federal candidates is unconstitutional.”

POLITICAL LAW HIRING. Interested?  Click here for more information.

INDICTMENTS FOR MARYLAND ROBOCALLS. Story here.  “Paul Schurick, 54, Ehrlich’s de facto campaign manager, and Julius Henson, 62, a consultant paid by the campaign, were both charged with three counts of conspiracy to violate election laws, one count of influencing votes through fraud and one count of failing to identify the sponsor of the calls. In addition, Schurick was charged on one count of obstruction of justice.”

CU COSTS SF. A blog report on how Citizens United could cost San Francisco $290,000 is here.

LOBBYIST PAY ONLINE IN CHICAGO. Link.  “Anyone who seeks to influence the decisions of city agencies or the City Council must register as a lobbyist with the Board of Ethics and file reports twice a year. Although the information in those disclosures was available through written requests under the state’s public records law, it was not all online, where it can be downloaded and manipulated.”



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