Money blurts, draft EO report, pro-poker lobbying and more political law links for today

CRS REPORT ON DRAFT EO ISSUES. Thanks to the helpful reader who passed along a CRS report issued last week on the Obama administration’s draft executive order involving political contributions and government contractors.  “Presidential Authority to Impose Requirements on Federal Contractors” may be read here.

AMERICAN CROSSROADS IN THE NEWS. Link.  “National Journal is reporting that the Federal Election Commission has called on a secretive campaign committee backed by Karl Rove to reveal its donors”

PRO-POKER LOBBYING. The Hill. “Rep. Barton’s bill would legalize online poker and set up a new federal regulatory body to oversee the sites.”

BLURTS NOT BOMBS. The Post. “In the ever-evolving world of campaign fundraising, some politicians have stumbled on yet another way to bring in buckets of cash. Let’s call it the ‘money blurt.'”

HANDING OVER THE KEYS ON OBAMA TWITTER AND FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. Politico. “President Barack Obama’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts will now be managed by campaign organization Obama for America, his 2012 campaign announced Friday.”

COMMISSION SHAKE-UP. This story explains recent changes at the Georgia Ethics Commission.


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