Fundraising numbers, robocalls, super PAC news, and more political law links

FUNDRAISING RECAP.  Politico. The Post has coverage here.

ROBOCALLS IN THE NEWS.  Roll Call.  “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today will start dialing voters in the districts of six House Republicans who Democrats claim have had ‘ethical failures.'”


S.1 GUIDANCE.   Following up from this post, it looks like “Lobbying Disclosure Act Guidance” was last reviewed/revised on June 15, 2011.  The document is here.  Footnote 1 exlains, “The Secretary and the Clerk have made no changes to the Guidance document issued on June 15, 2010 except changing the name of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to the House Committee on Ethics in Section 7, Example 1.”  I assume it means to say June 15, 2011.  But the more important news is that there are no substantive revisions to the guidance.

SUPER PAC RAISES $12 MILLION.  The Post.  “The pro-Romney super PAC is the only one of its kind in the Republican race. The PAC has not yet said how or where it will spend its money but given the involvement of McCarthy it seems likely that Restore Our Future will focus on television ads.”


12 LOBBYING FIRMS FOR GOOGLE.  Article.  “According to news reports on Friday, Google hired 12 lobbying firms to defend the company amid various state and federal antitrust probes.”

ETHICS AND MAYOR EMANUEL.  Reforms may be coming in Chicago according to this report.  “Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing another round of ethics reforms — this time to ‘rein in the influence’ of City Hall lobbyists and lift the veil on their influence-peddling activities.”

DRIVING CORRUPTION OUT OF DC.  Here are ideas on that topic.  “Corruption in city government is not new, nor is it unique to the District of Columbia. Pay-to-play schemes, embezzlement and all manner of insider dealing plague other cities and states. But where many states have taken dramatic and effective measures to tackle corruption, the District has done very little.”

ALABAMA AND THE RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE.  Story here.  “Getting ready to run for president and feeling boxed in by strict federal campaign finance laws that cap donations to your political action committee? Welcome to Alabama, home of the end-run on such pesky limits.”

MN CAMPAIGN FINANCE SHUTDOWN NEWS.  Here.  “The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board was one of the state agencies deemed not to be essential by the state in the shutdown, which started July 1. The board collects records and makes judgments on campaign finance cases. All records are typically available to the public through the board’s website, which is also closed.”

LOUISIANA ENFORCEMENT CASES ISSUE.  Story here.  “More than 350 campaign finance cases remain stalled because of a dispute over the steps required to levy and enforce collection on delinquent reports and the Louisiana Board of Ethics’ authority in the cases.”


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