Monday’s freshly prepared political law links

ETHICS COMMITTEE FRIDAY DUMP.  The House Ethics Committee released press statements and reports in a number of matters Friday.  All of the links are here.

IRS AND (C)(4) DONATIONS.  The Times.  “When it comes to things political, the Internal Revenue Service just cannot seem to win.”

JAIL FOR FORMER AIDE.  Story here.  “An ex-congressional aide is spending the afternoon behind bars for going to the World Series with a corporate official and lobbyist.”

SOME LOBBYISTS BEATING THE ODDS.  Roll Call.  “Though revenue has dropped in federal lobbying during recent quarters, some firms have adapted to the market and are finding ways to significantly increase their take during K Street’s downturn.”

PAC DONOR IN THE NEWS.  Politico.  “The anonymous donor behind the headline-making $1 million contribution to a pro-Mitt Romney super PAC is a former Bain Capital official with long ties to the candidate, who’s asking the outside group to amend its filings, POLITICO has learned.”  The Hill has more here.

CHARLES WYLY HAS DIED.  The Post.  “Texas billionaire and philanthropist Charles Wyly, whose family donated millions of dollars to Republican causes and Dallas arts projects, has died after a car accident in western Colorado, authorities said. He was 77.”

DISCLOSURE TO SHAREHOLDERS PROPOSED.  Story here.  “A group of 10 corporate law professors asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to require corporations to disclose to shareholders most political spending.”

LOBBYING AND CONTRIBUTING IN VA.  The Post.  “Virginia is one of a handful of states that don’t limit donations, a system that some argue has led to costly campaigns and candidates who cater to Richmond interests and wealthy donors.”

DONOR TRANSPARENCY.  The Times.  The paper endorses a draft executive order requiring certain disclosure of government contractors’ political activity.  “The proposed order would at least mandate disclosure of any contributions to these groups by all companies bidding for or holding a government contract.”

WHAT’S NEW IN FORT WAYNE?  Story here.  “Indiana’s attorney general says a proposed Fort Wayne ordinance that would bar the city from doing business with campaign donors is illegal.”


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