Political law links for Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WHO’S WINNING THE WEB?  The Post.  “The Post used three tools to measure which of the candidates participating in the weekend’s straw poll is winning the war for Internet buzz.”

PERRY PERKS.  The Post.  “‘Patriots’ are tasked with collecting $500,000 and promised a co-chairmanship of Perry’s national finance committee and a ‘VIP Republican National Convention Package’ that includes a hospitality suite and a VIP reception at the national party convention.”

UPDATE ON MT CASES. Here.”As Montana’s ban on corporate campaign spending faces a last gasp in court, a much broader challenge to Montana laws requiring public disclosure of who spends that money is unfolding in lower state courts.”

OPINION ON UTAH LOBBYING RULES. Here. “Under the definitions of the Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act, as amended in 2010, an expenditure that a lobbyist must report does not include food or beverage that is provided at an event to which all members of the Legislature are invited.”

GOV. CUOMO’S PLANE USE IN THE NEWS. Here. “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo used state aircraft for more than a dozen flights to or from his home following statewide tours in which he called for belt-tightening and budget cuts for schools and other services, records show.”

FORMER LEGISLATOR SENTENCED. The Post. “A former high-ranking member of the Virginia House of Delegates has been sentenced to nearly a decade in federal prison for bribery and extortion.”

VOTE COUNTING?  THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT.  I’m always interested in interesting solutions to political and advocacy issues.  Recently I learned of an app, VoteCount, that allows lobbyists to maintain and manage vote counts at the federal level and for all 50 states.  Here’s a fact sheet on the interesting app.

ZIP CODE TARGETING FOR FACEBOOK ADS.  Story here.  “The capability has special value for local advertisers as well as political advertisers looking to reach specific voting districts.”


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