Here are the political law links for today

BACHMANN SUPER PAC.  Story here.  “Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and longtime Republican strategist Ed Brookover organized the super-PAC, Citizens for a Working America, as first reported by The Washington Post.”

BACHMANN SUPER PAC II.  Politico.  “Super PACs allow wealthy individuals, corporations and unions to donate more than the $2,500 maximum they can give directly to their preferred candidate, instead donating to groups allied with the candidate.”

GINGRICH FUNDRAISING.  Politico“Unlike his rivals’ pricey pay-for-a-plate events, Gingrich’s campaign says he’s been on a circuit of unpublicized, intimate house parties.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE LIMITATION ACT IN JEOPARDY.  Story here.  “The state’s campaign finance law is on legal life-support after the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office issued an opinion Wednesday that the 15-year-old measure most likely is unconstitutional.”

NEWS FROM THE CHEROKEE NATION ELECTION COMMISSION.  Here.  More information is available about the Commission at its website.

MISSOURI ETHICS COMMISSION FINE.  Story here.  “The Missouri Ethics Commission placed a $2,000 fine on Phil Amato for donor reporting violations related to his campaign for a Jefferson County Council seat last year.”

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