Thursday morning’s political law links

TODAY’S FEC MEETING.  The Federal Election Commission meets today and the meeting agenda is here.

PROPOSED SEC RULE IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “A proposal before the Securities and Exchange Commission that would require public companies to disclose political contributions has drawn some favorable comments from investors, but it won’t go a long way in meeting the demands of those advocating for more transparency in political fundraising.”

UNION SUPER PAC PURPOSE.  The Hill.  “AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Wednesday that the super PAC being set up by the labor federation will help unions earn their independence from political parties.”

KEVIN RING IN THE NEWS.  Commentary here.  “I think everyone is for cleaning up the way lobbying is conducted in Washington and many steps have been taken since the Abramoff scandal to give more transparency into the process.  However, sending a small player like Kevin Ring to prison for life seems like a miscarriage of justice and a waste of tax payer money.  Sentencing is scheduled for October 26, 2011.  Let’s hope the judge can give us something that resembles justice in this case.  I’ll be watching.”

SPRINT LOBBYING AND THE AT&T MERGER.  Views from the tech world here.

H PAC UPDATE.  Politico.  

PSA CASE IN MT.  Story here.  “The hearings officer in Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s three-year-old ethics case said Wednesday that the Democratic governor should be fined $4,100 for violating state law by appearing in a public service radio advertisement during his 2008 re-election campaign.”

CHICAGO LOBBYING DATA UP.  Story (really just the city’s press release) is here.  “Today, Mayor Emanuel announced the release of new data with unprecedented details linking City lobbyists’ activities, their compensation, and expenses with each of their clients.”

HAVE A GOOD DAY.  The next post will appear on Tuesday, September 6th.  Have a great Labor Day weekend and see you next week.

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