Tuesday’s political law morning report

SILICON VALLEY FUNDRAISING. It’s not too often I get to link to some of my favorite tech blogs. TechCrunch covers President Obama’s Silicon Valley fundraising here. “Got 35K to toss around? Well if you’ve ever wanted to meet an in-office President now’s your chance to attend an Obama fundraiser dinner, going down at Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s house in Atherton on Sunday the 25th.”

SOLYNDRA, TECH, AND POLITICS. GigaOM covers Solyndra and other developments here. “President Obama has been hit with a one-two punch in recent weeks with two scandals that both involve risky tech startups, politics, money and the question of how to create innovation around national infrastructure, one for energy and the other for communications.”

SOLYNDRA JACKPOT? Politico. “Energy and Commerce Republicans are leaking their best stuff to the press, earning them favorable coverage and drawing even more interest to their work at critical moments like on the morning of a big hearing.”

LIGHTSQUARED RESPONDS. Here. “Philip Falcone, the primary investor in LightSquared, a wireless startup, denied Monday that the company had sought any special treatment from the White House in securing a wavier from the FCC.”

JUSTICE PROBE FOR SOLYNDRA? The Post. “The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has called for the Justice Department to appoint a special examiner to investigate the bankruptcy of a failed solar firm favored by the Obama administration.”

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ DRAWS OCE COMPLAINT. DC. “As The Daily Caller previously reported, the DNC ad promoting President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act appeared to violate House ethics rules that prevent footage of floor proceedings from being used for political purposes.”

INDICTMENT IN SC. Story here. “A Mount Pleasant man and his estranged wife are accused of illegally contributing to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s 2008 re-election campaign and to his political action committee, according to federal indictments unsealed Monday.”

“AVOIDING E-MAIL STUPIDITY.” Slightly off-topic for this site, but you might enjoy this post at ATL on ‘the need not to write stupid e-mails.”

GIFTING IN KY. Story here. “The Executive Branch Ethics Commission on Monday rejected a plan by the Kentucky League of Cities to spend up to $500 on a gift for Secretary of State Elaine Walker, who served as the group’s president last year.”


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