Wednesday’s political law links

K STREET AND “PROHIBITION.” Roll Call. “Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns describes his latest project as a series about the most effective lobbying campaign in American history.”  I caught the last installment last night.

Q3 UGLY.  Roll Call.  “Only a few days after the third quarter ended, party operatives warned that the past three months will yield some of the worst Congressional fundraising totals in recent memory.”

CHARGES AGAINST ASSOCIATION.  Politico.  “On paper, the National Association for Behavioral Health looked like a thousand other trade groups that can be found in Washington.”

PERRY FINANCE STAFF MOVEPolitico.  “Louisa Imperiale, Rick Perry’s deputy finance director, is leaving the campaign, according to GOP sources.”

LOBBYISTS AS VALUABLE SOURCE.  Via Lobby Comply Blog comes a look at two surveys on how lobbyists play a role in the legislative process.

HIJACKED HASHTAGS. The Hill. “Conservatives took up another White House social media campaign on Tuesday, with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and several others co-opting the hashtag #passthebill for a purpose other than President Obama’s ongoing campaign to pressure Congress to vote on the American Jobs Act.” Colin Delany has more on hashtag hijacks here with a look at what happened to “#attackwatch.”


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