Political law links for Wed., Oct. 12

TAIWAN LOBBYING.  The Hill.  “Lobbyists for Taiwan have been working behind the scenes to pressure the White House into selling advanced F-16 fighter jets to the longtime U.S. ally.”

CHINA LOBBYING.  Reuters.  “China has launched an intense lobbying effort in Washington to kill legislation that would punish it for its currency system, in the latest display of its more sophisticated approach to influence U.S. policy.”

MAX FINE FOR KOREATOWN DEVELOPER.  Story here.  “The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission on Tuesday fined a Koreatown developer $183,750 -– the maximum penalty allowed — for his role in an alleged money laundering scheme carried out in support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s reelection campaign.”

AM X-RDS UP.  Roll Call.  “As the Senate moved toward a vote on President Barack Obama’s jobs bill Tuesday, conservative group American Crossroads launched TV ads in Orlando and Pittsburgh that attacked it as another Democratic spending plan that would raise taxes.”

RENEWABLE LOBBYING ENERGY.  Roll Call.  “As the government’s energy initiatives come under attack, stakeholders are making sure their priorities in Washington are known — more than 40 companies and other groups have hired lobbyists to work on energy issues since the beginning of August.”

NO BANK MONEY PLEDGE?  That’s the topic of this Harold Meyerson piece.  “Refuse all campaign contributions from banks, hedge funds, private equity funds and their partners and employees.”


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