Tuesday’s political law links

LOCKING DOWN DOMAINS. The Post. “A Washington Post analysis of federal campaign spending reports shows that President Obama and Romney spent thousands of dollars this summer at Go­Daddy.com.”

ON THE BUS. The Post. “Obama ditched Air Force One after landing in Asheville and climbed aboard a specially equipped black bus to wind his way 106 miles to this tiny town of 2,000, stopping at a barbecue joint and a confectionery store for carefully orchestrated photo ops.”

SUPER PACS ON THE HILL. Roll Call. “As super PACs proliferate, the number devoted to either backing or bashing a specific Member of Congress or a small group of Members has suddenly spiked.”

CUSTOMER SERVICE PERKS FOR MEMBERS. Story here. “Current and former employees and lobbyists for wireless, cable television and Internet providers interviewed for this story — most of whom declined to be identified because they are not authorized to discuss internal practices — said some companies provided a dedicated phone line for government officials. Others said the system was less formal, a kind of unofficial agreement that lawmakers should call lobbyists when they have a problem.”

DONOR LIST INCOME. Roll Call. “Though privacy advocates criticize the practice, campaign records show that campaigns have paid about $50 million since 2007 to rent donor lists, though this includes purchases from some private firms as well as campaigns.”

PERRY TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS IN THE NEWS. The Times. “Campaign-finance experts say the law now generally requires presidential campaigns to pay the ‘normal and usual charter fare or rental charge’ that would have to be paid if the jet were leased from a charter company.”

CURRIE TRIAL UPDATE. Story here. “Timothy F. Maloney, a lawyer and former state delegate, was called to testify at Currie’s bribery trial about a proposal he drafted in 2002 for the Prince George’s County Democrat to serve as a consultant for Shoppers Food Warehouse. Federal prosecutors have alleged that the consulting arrangement became a guise for a bribery scheme that lasted more than five years.”


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