Tuesday’s political law links for November 8, 2011

BANK FOR R’S.  Story here.  “With just one branch and a small staff, Chain Bridge Bank has the unassuming feel of a local business. But the $230 million Beltway depository founded by ex-Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-Ill.) is fast becoming the preferred bank of the Republican Party.”

GOOGLE LOBBYING UPDATE.  Here.  “Google confirmed Monday evening that director of public policy will leave the search giant after six and a half years.”

iVOTE.  Voters will use iPads to vote in Oregon.  Story here.  “Some disabled state residents choosing a nominee for the seat left open by disgraced ex-Rep. David Wu — who left Congress after allegations of a sexual encounter with a teenage girl — will get the chance to cast their votes with an iPad instead of a regular paper ballot in the special election, The Associated Press first reported.”

CAMPAIGN ACCESS TO YOUR CALENDAR.  Roll Call.  “Those who allow the campaign access to Google or Outlook calendars will see automatic updates all year. The Virginia calendar, for example, includes the dates of the Republican presidential debates and Election Day on Nov. 6, 2012.”

FIRM NEWSLETTER.  SNR Denton’s “US Political Law Compliance & Risk Management” October 2011 newsletter is online here.

HANGER ALLEGATIONS IN THE NEWS IN SF.  Story here.  “Public Defender and mayoral contender Jeff Adachi put out a press release this morning publicizing a complaint filed with the San Francisco Ethics Commission this morning by former Ethics Commissioner Paul Melbostad. The complaint asserts that door-hangers distributed by Lee’s campaign over the weekend violate campaign finance law.”

NO NBC FUNDS FOR TRIP.  Story here.  “Gov. John Hickenlooper can’t accept about $1,000 from NBC News to cover his travel expenses to New York to appear on a panel about education, Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission ruled Monday.”

SD CAMPAIGN FINANCE SYSTEM COMING ONLINE.  Story here.  “It will soon be a lot easier for South Dakotans to see who is donating to different candidates, causes and campaigns.”

RAISING LIMITS IN SANTA MONICA?  Soon you might be able to give $400 to a candidate for office in Santa Monica.  “Courts have also declared some campaign contribution limits so low that they effectively hamper free speech because candidates couldn’t raise enough money to run a competitive campaign.”

OFFICE RENT NO VIOLATION IN MD.  Story here.  “A supervisory board cleared Rockville mayoral candidate Piotr Gajewski of an allegation that he is paying too little for an office on Rockville Pike.”


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