Three campaign finance lawsuits, mobile resources, and more political law links for the new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Welcome back!  Don’t miss yesterday’s set of links, which was extra large and can be found here.

THREE CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWSUITS ON THE RADAR.  An article here discusses campaign finance cases involving foreign national activity, government contractors, and corporate contributions.

“SLUSH” AND IOWA.  The Times.  ” The ads have transformed the Republican race for a simple reason: a new landscape of unlimited contributions to ‘independent’ groups that was created by the Supreme Court.”

BOPP PROFILE.  Here.  “Over the past 30 years, Bopp has been at the forefront of litigation strategies that have reshaped campaign-finance law inexorably.”

ETHICS GURU ABRAMOFF.  Story here.   “Mandatory ethics training this year for the 138 members of the Kentucky legislature features a lecture by Jack Abramoff, a convicted felon at the center of Washington’s biggest lobbying corruption scandal.”

LOBBYIST COMPLIANCE SERVICES.  If you haven’t seen Scott Stetson’s website for Lobbyist Compliance Services, Inc., it’s online here.  The firm assists registered lobbyists with their compliance needs at the federal, state and local level.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE ON FACEBOOK.  DB Capitol Strategies launched a Facebook page and it’s online here.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE GAMES.  SF Chron.  “It’s not too early to project one set of winners from today’s Iowa caucuses: the strategists and advertising whizzes of the political industrial complex who are taking advantage of a Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance to collect and spend unlimited donations from wealthy individuals and special interests to become a force in the presidential race.”

BLACK AND ROMNEY.  The Times.  ” Mitt Romney has added a veteran Washington lobbyist — Charlie Black, a top political aide to Senator John McCain‘s 2008 presidential campaign — to the circle of informal advisers who are trying to help to guide him to the White House.”

FEC GOING MOBILE.  News release here.  “The Federal Election Commission today released the first in a series of FEC Mobile web pages designed to run on mobile devices.”

TONIGHT’S RESULTS.  The Hill.  “Unofficial results will be posted online as they become available via and”


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