MLK Day political law links

SOLYNDRA ADS COMING. Story here. “Americans for Prosperity is going up with a $5 million ad buy against President Barack Obama on Solyndra.”

HELP CHRISTIAN ADAMS GET HIS COAT BACK. If you were in Richmond to hear the argument in the ballot access case recently argued, you may have accidentally picked up the wrong coat on the way out. Details here.

UNCHARTED SUPER PAC TERRITORY IN MA. The Hill. “The incumbent and leading challenger in the nation’s most closely-watched Senate race have agreed to a meeting between their campaign managers to see what can be done to keep outside groups from airing millions of dollars in ads attacking both candidates.”

CANDIDATES LOSE IN BALLOT ACCESS CASE. The Post. “A federal judge denied a request Friday by four presidential candidates to add their names to Virginia’s Republican primary ballot.”

SURVEYING THE AD SITUATION IN SC. The Times. “The arms race at television stations across South Carolina is the most vivid manifestation yet of the influx of outside money into American politics this election cycle. Because of a Supreme Court decision that paved the way for the creation of the super PACs — groups that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money advocating for a candidate as long as they do not coordinate with the campaign — the messaging wars are reaching new levels of intensity.”

ROCK CENTER ON POLITICAL MONEY. I haven’t watched NBC’s “Rock Center” yet, but tonight they’ll have a story on money in politics. Check their website for more.



SENTENCE IN FARA CASE. Story here. “A former congressman and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was sentenced Wednesday to one year and one day in federal prison for acting as an unregistered foreign agent for an Islamic charity with ties to international terrorism and for obstruction of justice.”

EDWARDS TRIAL DELAY. The Post. “Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards has a serious heart condition that will require a medical procedure next month and his illness limits his travel including for an upcoming court case over possible campaign violations, his doctor told a judge, who delayed the trial.”

COLBERT PAC ATTACK.  Story (with video) here.

LLC GIVING IN DC UNDER FIRE. The Post. “A single donor, therefore, can use LLCs to give sums many times the maximum an individual can contribute.”

ETHICS PANEL MULLED. News from Maryland here. “A new ethics panel of seven state senators will consider posting Maryland lawmakers’ financial disclosure statements online and establishing sanctions that could include fines for ethical transgressions, the panel’s chairman said Friday during the group’s first meeting.”

BAN LOBBYIST-LAWMAKERS? Story here. “Lobbying by Illinois lawmakers would be barred under a bill proposed by the Legislature’s inspector general, who monitors ethical conduct by state representatives and senators.”

NEWS IN MT CASE.  BLT.  “James Bopp Jr., the lawyer who brought Citizens United v. FEC to the U.S. Supreme Court has been retained by the organizations that lost their suit to overturn Montana’s ban on corporate independent expenditures to take their appeal to the nation’s high court.”

REGISTRY AND CODE FOR UK LOBBYISTS. More here. “Political lobbyists are to be forced to join a statutory register and sign a code of conduct.”


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